Tied to the dock the X-482 is a beautiful yachts.  Under sail she is notting short of stunning.  This is where the X-482 stands head and shoulders above her competition.  Niels Jeppesen has drawn a sweet, easy driven hull that is incredibly stiff yet sea kind, In technical terms, the X-482's RMC for I degree of heels 335 kpm. The comparison a modern IMS racer is similar size has an RMC of 290/300 kpm!! The higher the number, the stiffer the yacht, Thus the X-482 is very powerful yacht, with excellent stability and sail carrying ability.. She is a force to be reckoned with in strong winds, and in lighter conditions, her large, yet easily controlled sail plan makes her a yacht very hard to beat. X-482's have achieved great results on the International racing scene- from Overall CHS Victory is  China Sea Race series - to Dutch IMS Championship, beating purpose designed and build. Pure cace oriented machines on both events